Usually, introductions are such an easy thing. There is this awkward shuffle of hands, a darting gaze and a first stutter.

But never mind, this is the internet.

Who are you?

I’m Coleen, otherwise known as the Musing Mestiza. Why? Because I’m just about as pale as Asian-Filipino can get, probably has Spanish blood somewhere, and I muse and think. A lot.

A mestiza is a Spanish-Filipino woman, and alternatively mistisa is a pale-skinned girl.

I have a degree in Ancient World Studies and Creative Writing, and most days, I can’t stop reading or writing. I write freelance on history, fandom topics, reviews and various creative prose, inside and outside of university.

What the hell will I even find worth my time here?

Cute stuff! More cute stuff. Kidding. I post here past historical essays and papers, creative pieces like poems, stories and autobiographical bits, as well as musings on life in general. I also muse on Pinoy culture, games, fandoms I love and beauty.

Stick around and we’ll have some fun.

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