Fray, what is the web of a spider?
The little woven strings of oblivion are precise, careful and soft
Eyes yellow, small and piercing, don’t come to me
Black strands in my hands, you bastard

The chandeliers are luminous, they are small drops of heaven
The only part of heaven I’ll see
Tell me, when you sign, do you lose it all?
Is not only the body emptied but the heart as well?
You cannot vacate what was unoccupied,

You cannot freeze what was ice
Show me all the bluebells, show me all its petals
The butterfly passes by, not caring for the world
Will you share with me your freedom?

Tell them to go away, to stop whispering!
They should not speak out loud either
Dismiss them, for my spirit is forlorn
The ghosts of the mansion’s walls howl with me

He was a great man you know, a great man of many
His desires were rich, never satisfied by his coin
The rest of this hole now filled with my screams
All the ladies in the painting frown at me

You saved me, you saved my body
No thanks needed, since you’ll be taking your fee
My payment is valuable so you should atone
I am blind to gold, jewels and metals

Never underestimate the soul

-The Musing Mestiza, 2nd Year

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